NordVPN Netflix Tutorial Is it the best VPN for Netflix

NordVPN Netflix Tutorial | Is it the best VPN for Netflix


Those region restricted shows on Netflix. But is there a way to access ’em? Yes, yes, there is. With NordVPN, Netflix will open up over a dozen libraries for you to enjoy no matter your location. So in this video, we’re gonna cover the process of how to use NordVPN, how to change your Netflix regions and go over some of the more effective troubleshooting solutions.


Netflix regional restrictions can be a bit of a pain with many shows remaining exclusive to certain locations. And this can be due to copyrights or licensing agreements or whatever, but geoblocking as annoying as it may be, it can be bypassed. And we both know there’s a nice little workaround. Yep, a reliable VPN for Netflix. Now out of every provider I tried, NordVPN still stands out as one of, if not the best VPN for Netflix which was a nice surprise seeing as less and less VPNs or even capable of unblocking Netflix these days.

NordVPN Netflix Tutorial | Is it the best VPN for Netflix
NordVPN Netflix Tutorial | Is it the best VPN for Netflix


Now, one of the most impressive things I found with NordVPN in Netflix, is the speed it’s highly talked about but I decided to test it out for myself. No surprise, I got pretty high speeds in most of the areas. Here in the US, it only dropped about 11% from my original internet connection speed, staying pretty stable at around 250 megabytes a second. Sure, it might differ depending on your location but generally it retains about 79% of the original connection speed which is more than enough for a good Netflix and chill session. Oh boy, that felt creepy.


But is good speed enough to make NordVPN the best VPN for Netflix in 2022? Well, to fight for the best VPN title, this provider has put much more under its belt. See, during my NordVPN review, I found that they offer over 5,000 servers, covering 60 countries around the world. So, it’s no surprise that it showed consistent performance while unlocking an impressive number of libraries all without any major issues. So with some trial and error, I’ve managed to connect to a total of 15 Netflix libraries. US, UK, Canada, Germany, South Korea, just to name a few. Oh, and they even got me to Japan which you might have heard is famous for being notoriously difficult to access.


Okay, now let’s really get into it. I’m gonna show you my techniques then guide you through the steps on how to watch Netflix with NordVPN and seriously, none of this is that difficult to do. You only need to install the NordVPN application on your device. If you don’t have an account yet, well, you’re always gonna find the greatest deals down in our description, so be sure to check that out. And in case you’re unsure if it’s worth it, Well, there’s a seven day free trial for Android users initially and then you can learn how to use NordVPN first hand and see if it fits your needs. All right, now with your Nord Account all set up and Netflix logged in, It’s a pretty straightforward process.


Let’s just say you wanna watch the movie, “Capone.” On the US Netflix, there’s nowhere to be found but a little quick Google search reveals that it’s in the UK library. So, all you need to do is open up Nord, then log in. Now you can see how the layout is super efficient with that big map and server list on the left, you see it, I really like this approach. Now, just connect to a UK server. And if you refresh Netflix, and then try to see search “Capon,” aha, it’s right there, ready for your enjoyment. Yep, it’s as simple as that.


So, our little NordVPN Netflix review here shows just how easy it is to set up and use. But the truth is it’s not always sunshine and rainbows and unicorns when using a Netflix VPN, change the country, refresh the page, refresh it again. But sometimes you’re left with an error message and it can be really frustrating to say the least. Considering Netflix is taking a lot of precautions to stop people from bypassing their system, it’s no surprise that sometimes your attempts are gonna get blocked. But if there is a problem, there’s also solutions and I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve.


First, let’s try changing the server, disconnect from your first server then choose a new one from the many available with NordVPN, refresh your Netflix library and your desire title should be right in there. I usually do this with the reconnect button. It connects you to a different server in the same location. It’s hard not to appreciate the convenience of such a quick fix, right?


If you still have trouble with the NordVPN Netflix setup, I’d recommend clearing out the cache. This has helped me a few times since Netflix can sometimes figure out my true location if it’s stored in your browser’s cache but that’s an easy fix. And most of the time it’s exactly what you need to just get it working.


Now, if it still refuses to load, well, there’s also the option to add NordVPNs DNS addresses. The simplest way I found to fill them via the Nord application itself is under the custom DNS tab which you can find in the settings. Since the process differs based on what device you’ve got, I recommend following the guide on their website, it’s pretty straightforward.


But you’ve always got the option to contact NordVPN Support. I mean they’re available 24/7 and they are swift to respond. My personal favorite option is live chat but you can also contact them just as easily through email which is really handy to have especially if you’re a novice user.


Accessing Netflix isn’t the only thing that NordVPN does really well. So, if you’re looking to get a little more practical use out of it, let’s do a quick NordVPN review and see what we got. All right, NordVPN uses the AES-256 bid encryption, topnotch method for sure, but it’s Nord links protocol goes a bit further and uses ChaCha 20, it’s a little more modern and a little more better. They also promise a strict, no logs policy and already went through two independent audits to support their claim. Their servers run on RAM. So all data gets wiped out with a single reboot. On top of that, they’re based in the privacy friendly country of ta-da, Panama. It’s also nice that they have streaming capabilities alongside such a secure approach for all different types of users who might happen to share the account.


All right, so now you know how to watch Netflix with NordVPN and troubleshoot some possible mishaps but this NordVPN review is once again proving that the service is not only suitable for streaming endeavors, but also stands among the fastest and most secure VPNs out there. Finding a reliable Netflix VPN is getting harder and harder. So it’s nice to know, that there are options that will do the job properly. All right, so I wanna know what you think the best VPN for Netflix is. Nord, something else, let me know, share it in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out our special deals. Just click the box on the screen and take a look at NordVPN. Review the Netflix libraries it offers and see for yourself if it truly is the best VPN for streaming. All right, that’s it for now, I’ll see you in the next one.

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