Malwarebytes vs Norton Antivirus Better 2022

Malwarebytes vs Norton Antivirus Better 2022


Malwarebytes , Norton, both often seen on top antivirus list. So why don’t we discover which one is better and why? Hey, I’m Mike from CyberNews. And in this video, I’m gonna be doing a Malwarebytes versus Norton, head to head, covering all the important discoveries that we found during our testing. But before we begin, you might wanna make sure to check down in the description for the best possible deals which I always have for you guys. Currently, there is a great deal for both Norton and malware bites just depending on which one suits you best.


Okay, when you get an antivirus program you expect it to protect your device from all the dangers that lurk online, right? So first question is, which of these two is more reliable? Well, Malwarebytes premium gives you access to features like real-time protection where the antivirus is constantly getting rid of any ransomware or malware that might come your way. It also blocks any domains and IP addresses that just don’t seem right. So you never engage with pages anyway which is really important, but where Malwarebytes truly excels is with their exploit protection. This is pretty advanced stuff. And it deals with vulnerabilities in applications and security flaws, essentially it shields vulnerable applications. So malicious code can’t exploit their particular vulnerability, but one little caveat in terms of security here, they don’t offer an integrated firewall which is pretty invaluable in terms of securing your device. Okay now, Norton bites back in this regard with their two-way firewall, it’s excellent. And it watches the scent and receive network traffic on your device while you browse.

Now like Malwarebytes address blocking, which blocks connections of untrusted IPS, and domains. They too have real time protection, but it uses AI to monitor for a whole host of threats. Now I’ve only touched the surface of their protection capabilities, scan options and AV-test results are important too. Overall, both providers are equally effective, but they take a slightly different approach to malware canning, see Norton has three different options, whereas Malwarebytes’ user experience is a lot more customizable, both have their ups and downs. So it really just comes down to what type of user you actually are. So when the AV test Institute tested the efficiency of these scans, the results were stellar, with both being certified as advanced top grade products and scoring a 100% in both performance and usability. The main difference just lying in their levels of protection. Malwarebytes scored between 98, 99% over several tests and Norton scored 100% across the board, but taking shiny features out of the equation, and focusing solely on their level of protection, Norton packs a punch with their consistent scores and their indispensable firewall.


Now, this is when I wanted to perform my own test. Seeing as performance and malware capturing is such a huge part of this puzzle, right? Okay, so I ran exactly the same test, planting 10 malicious files onto my computer and running a full scan with each provider independently. This test demonstrates their capability at catching malware. First up Malwarebytes. I’ll just run a scan. As you can see, here are my 10 files on the screen. And after a very short scan time, Malwarebytes detected just five outta 10 of the malicious files. Okay, now let’s compare this to Norton. So after clicking that scan button, oh boy it took way longer than Malwarebytes around 50 minutes, but the capture rate was a lot more efficient with nine out of 10 files detected. In general, they both didn’t take a huge amount of system resources while running in the background and Malwarebytes was lightning fast, but it’s clear to see that Norton actually takes the win here.


Let’s just back up a minute here, because the reputation of a provider can really make or break whether I’m gonna choose or even recommend someone to you, so real quick, let’s just go over some potential red flags. Norton actually has a good 30 years under their belt. And in that time they haven’t really had any huge scandals that is until they’re Norton crypto feature which was recently released. But scandal, it’s a little harsh. I mean, it caused controversy online because it allows you to safely mine cryptocurrencies by adding your device to a crypto mining pool. The issue here is that it’s said to make your device use more electricity, potentially affecting your PC’s performance. And this feature is only available to US users, but this feature is actually an opt in. So in my opinion, it may not even be that relevant to the average user. All right, let’s take a look at Malwarebytes. Well, they were recently affected by a cyber attack resulting in some of their emails being breached by the same attackers involved with that SolarWinds Hack. Remember that, now even though some of their internal emails were breached, there’s no evidence that any user data was actually compromised. Just something to be aware of, after all huge companies we use every day are often targeted by cyber attacks and the company’s transparency is what’s really important here.


Now, apart from the essential features I talked about at the top of this video, there are some nice extras where users can start to see more value for what they’ve paid into. Malwarebytes has a browser extension which has several features built right into it. You can use the AdBlocker to block most popup ads along with their trackers and other scams and potentially unwanted programs too. All of which is nice to just put it to the side, but the features offered with this provider actually depend on the plan you choose. Ans sure this provider isn’t as feature packed as other top dogs given no parental controls or firewall, but you do get a really impressive VPN with their premium plus privacy plan, with more than 34 countries and 300 plus servers. Well, that can’t compete with a dedicated third party option but to my surprise, this does include the secure and fast wire guard protocol, which I love. However, when you compare them with Norton, well, they pale in comparison with Norton’s editions like parental controls, allowing parents to restrict their kids access to certain websites, a safe cam feature for PC, which notifies you if any third party apps are spying, a free password manager, but it’s a little basic but it’s good for new users. And there’s even a VPN.

Although Norton’s version doesn’t have a kill switch to avoid your potential IP leaks. But the feature I find the most impressive is their dark web monitor. I’ve spoken about this a lot in our channel. Basically it lets you know if your credentials end up on the dark web database, it’s just good to have it. So as you can see if advanced capabilities are your thing, Norton 360 definitely offers more with its premium antivirus option, especially being one of the best anti viruses for PC. But what is this gonna set you back financially? Well, when it can comes to pricing, there are free and paid versions, surprise. Now Norton doesn’t have a free version like Malwarebytes does. However, Malwarebytes’ free version only deals with malware that’s already on your computer, to protect it from getting infected, Well, you’re gonna have to upgrade to premium. So even though Malwarebytes might have one of the best free antivirus plans, we’re really looking at the premium plans here, seeing as the free plan scans for viruses and well, pretty much nothing else.


Both of these antiviruses have multiple premium versions but the ones we’ll go over are the base version, and the more expensive versions. The cheapest Norton plan available is currently at just under 20 bucks a year, protecting one device. It has essentials like spyware, malware and ransomware protection and even a firewall though the cloud backup is limited. So it just depends on what you value and need the most. But if you upgrade the price of your Norton 360 deluxe version, you’re gonna pay another 40-ish a year, but you’re also gonna get access to five additional devices. And the parental control features essentially you’re paying a little over $5 to upgrade here, which is pretty sweet if you consider that device limit, there are also two more expensive plans that have more features like identity theft protection, but those range closer to a hundred to 300 bucks a year. Malwarebytes premium on the other hand, is around 40-ish dollars a year for one device, pretty similar to Norton at first glance. And you get real time protection along with ransomware and exploit protection, but to get the VPN, you’re gonna have to pay more which makes this one extremely expensive, if you need that feature, especially when you consider the fact that Norton gives you a VPN with its base plan. So Norton in that regard is definitely more cost effective.


Now when it comes to the actual user interface, well there are three, the browser extensions, the desktop apps and mobile apps, Malwarebytes keeps things very simple. Although that may have more to do with the fact that they don’t offer a lot of features but still the interface across all three is very simple and easy to navigate. And they both have simple apps for both iOS and Android. The Norton virus interface, isn’t really that difficult to get around either but it can look a little cluttered. So if you like things to be super simple, Malwarebytes would be the clear winner in terms of ease of use, as this is one of the best antivirus for windows 10 options. Okay, now, before I jump into the final verdict if you’ve liked the video so far please tap that thumbs up button and remember to subscribe. You know, you wanna subscribe to CyberNews so you can keep up with all the important tech updates that you need.


Okay, onto the final verdict, while both of these anti viruses are great. I just can’t ignore the fact that Norton antivirus gives you a lot more features at a much better price when comparing it to Malwarebytes. It also has slightly better malware test scores. It can take a small learning curve to get used to it. However, if you just want the antivirus to clean your already infected computer and want it to be free, well then Malwarebytes would be the obvious choice as it offers one of the best free antivirus for windows 10. And that’s it for today’s Norton  virus Malwarebytes comparison.


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