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There is no end to the war that is ExpressVPN versus NordVPN, and 2022 is about to escalate it to brand new levels, that I am sure of. So maybe it’s time we see which of the two is the leading, the supreme, the most awesome VPN for 2022, and look a little closer. (


Now, security is arguably the pillar of each VPN and in their ability to keep internet connections safe and private. Well, these VPNs are actually similar on a baseline level, at least. Both use CHACHA20 encryption with their protocols and have a kill switch capable of preventing leaks caused by connection instabilities. In the past, ExpressVPN one up’d NordVPN with their trusted servers, their revolutionary RAM-only server technology, but it didn’t take a lot of time for NordVPN to catch up. At which point it all went downhill for ExpressVPN. And it’s actually hard to compare Nord and Express’ security features since ExpressVPN doesn’t have any except their split tunneling. And NordVPN, they have a little bit more to offer. A couple of which, they’re my favorites actually, Cybersec and Double VPN. The former, Cybersec, blocks ads and malicious links, while the latter, chains two servers together for extra protection. And there are even more security features than I’m not gonna bore you with. Just keep in mind that ExpressVPN doesn’t have as much of a leg to stand on in this regard. But maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself here. After all, both VPNs have been independently audited and even received IOXT certifications. Their security is definitely topnotch, with or without the added benefits.


And as for the ExpressVPN versus NordVPN privacy comparison, yeah, well now it’s about to get ugly. See, their privacy situations used to be very similar not so long ago. But last fall, ExpressVPN was hit with not one, but two consecutive ordeals that I did not see see coming. Not only was their CIO revealed to be involved in a cyber-surveillance project, but the whole company was bought up. ExpressVPN’s new owner is infamous for spreading adware in the early 2000s. Now, honestly, this doesn’t mean complete doom for ExpressVPN, but some public figures have already suggested that users abandon this VPN altogether. Okay, I probably could have wrap this all up right here but that isn’t really fair. See, Kape does promise to keep out of ExpressVPN’s hair, so I believe it’s not quite over yet.


Besides, there’s a lot more to explore, performance being one of the most exciting points here. After all, both VPNs have a proprietary protocol called NordLynx and Lightway respectively. So that’s a great at start, right? Our NordVPN versus ExpressVPN speed test yielded quite interesting results. Across three different locations, NordLynx and Lightway performed like they were in a game of tag, but eventually NordVPN came out as the faster service. But ExpressVPN’s ping is a bit lower, which is a significant upside for gamers. NordVPN does counter with its server fleet, it has around 2000 more servers over ExpressVPN but loses heavily in terms of the different country locations. Now, I think it’s fair to say that in this NordVPN versus ExpressVPN review, Express does a great job of keeping up with Nord despite the security concerns it faces. Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in NordVPN or any other top VPNs, we have the best discounts right under this video which you should always check out before committing to any VPN anyway.


Okay, next, let’s see how our comparison goes in terms of their apps. That didn’t really surprise me that NordVPN and ExpressVPN have a separate app for each major platform. And as far as the desktop apps go, the Windows and the Mac apps, are just fine, dandy, great. Nord VPN Windows and Mac apps share almost all the same features up for the split tunneling. ExpressVPN Windows and Mac apps don’t just look identical, they also have the same features across the board. But I was actually a little bit disappointed after testing the mobile apps. Yet again, Android apps work much better than their iOS counterparts. Oh, Apple.

The NordVPN iOS app is minus split tunneling. ExpressVPN’s iOS app also lacks split tunneling and even a kill switch, making it severely underpowered in terms of security, come on, add it. Well, at least nor VPN and ExpressVPN are almost the same in terms of simultaneous connections. It’s six versus five, basically a draw. And it’s a straight tie, as far as streaming goes. Now I can’t fault them, I tested both VPNs against various geoblocked content, from Netflix libraries to Disney+ and other less popular platforms, both with great results. Both services also have Smart DNS, allowing access to streaming platforms from Smart TVs that don’t have a dedicated VPN app installed. All right, not much really to say here. As you remember from the performance discussion, both VPNs are fast. So I haven’t had any notable issues with streaming in 4K Ultra HD using either of these providers.


ExpressVPN versus NordVPN torrenting difference are pretty much non-existent. With NordVPN, P2P is allowed only on certain servers. So that mitigates the advantage it had by having more servers, since ExpressVPN allows torrenting on all their servers. Considering that both have no bandwidth limit for P2P file transfers and fast speeds, well, they’re both great for torrenting. But there’s nothing really setting them apart in that regard.


Okay, well, what else is there then to compare between NordVPN and ExpressVPN? China access, of course. Now, in all seriousness, the ability to combat restrictions is an important function for any VPN. ExpressVPN‘s Stealth VPN feature is fully automatic, turning on once you connect it to a restricted network. It doesn’t matter if it’s a university, a workplace or yep, even a Chinese network. NordVPN is a little bit more complicated while it does have obfuscated servers you can choose from manually. If you need to bypass some of their heavier restrictions like the Chinese ones, well, you might need to install the test app, which is a little more complicated. Okay, now despite that, I found both Nord VPN and ExpressVPN to be equally effective at dealing with firewalls and deep packet inspections. Specifications aside, I’m hoping to see a big difference to spice things up from the sea of sameness here. And oh boy, would you look at that? There is a big difference. Cha-ching.


Well, I’m at a loss for words, when it comes to the value for each VPN. Clearly NordVPN has more value, right? More features, great performance, superior security. Okay, sure, ExpressVPN comes in close in many senses but does it really justify a price like that? Huh? Yeah, no contest. The NordVPN versus ExpressVPN price to value comparison ends up with NordVPN’s colossal win And I haven’t even gotten to their seven day trial for Android users. Now in general, if you’d like to get a good VPN for a great price, check out the discount links down in the description.



All right, let’s summarize this best VPN comparison. I’ve always found NordVPN and ExpressVPN to be quite close in most regards. Their performance is similar, streaming and torrenting capabilities, almost identical. And even the security used to be comparable until 2021 really brought down for ExpressVPN. So yeah, right now NordVPN is clearly the better option. But I’m still secretly hoping that ExpressVPN can turn that around by tweaking and adding even more impressive features. Their great performance is nice, but it’s just not enough compared to NordVPN this time around, especially when you factor in the value. Okay, I hope this comparison between NordVPN and ExpressVPN for 2022 answered most of your questions. And if you have more questions about these VPNs, well don’t hesitate to put ’em down in the comments because we will get to ’em.

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